Tuxhorn Company, Santa Rosa, CA

October 19th, 2017 Santa Rosa, CA

Dear residents and homeowners of Windrose, Shelbourne and Coffey Park,

We are sincerely sorry for your loss. Our company built many of the homes that were tragically destroyed in those neighborhoods. My family lived in Windrose for 15 years.

My wife and I share your situation, our current home was also destroyed in the Tubbs Fire. Consequently, we are very aware of the daunting challenges as we all look ahead.

The Tuxhorn Company will be part of the solution to this disaster. Our experience in complying with modern building regulations and managing construction is extensive. Our company has designed, developed, built hundreds of homes in Sonoma County. And our team has worked together for more than 25 years. We are in contact with the City of Santa Rosa planning department to stay on top of the evolving situation.

It is our objective to first serve those who have homes in the Windrose and Shelbourne developments that we built as part of Benjamin Tuxhorn Homes. We know those developments intimately, have the plans, and are assembling the resources. We want to help homeowners move forward as quickly as possible with the rebuilding process.

If you are a homeowner in either of those neighborhoods or adjoining Coffey Park and want to learn how we can help you rebuild, please contact us: tux@tuxhornhomes.com.

M.L. Tux Tuxhorn

2018 Update

To learn more about rebuilding with Tuxhorn Homes, please visit myshelbournehome.com.